Excellent international services since 1992 and in Texas since 2009
The School of European Languages and Art is a mobile school offering private teaching, tutoring, and homeschooling in English and some Latin-based languages.
We offer highly competitive educational options aligned with the demands of the 21st century.
Our personalized curricula are based on American and European cultural values, emphasizing teaching rather than testing during the classes, and offering the students a large variety of sources so that they could enjoy studying.
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In-person classes are offered daily in the Dallas – Fort Worth and Granbury areas. 
If you have a hectic schedule, our online courses and flexible-schedule/on-call lessons can accommodate your needs.
You may also hire Gabriela N. Anderson through one of these international agencies: 

Wyzant  Tutors https://www.wyzant.com/match/tutor/80950480

Global LT: 888-654-5881

Varsity Tutors: 214-817-3961


Our mobile school offers private lessons at public libraries, other public locations, in homes and offices, online and by phone. 

Language immersion materials: the teacher uses her materials plus genuine sources from French and Italian TV programs, films, music, media, and books. Curriculum sample

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ESL/ESOL for Hispanic students

 What is subject-immersion instruction?

  • Clients for teaching/tutoring jobs: numerous private clients in the U.S.A. and EU, Verona Marble, Toyota, Open University Business School (UK), Inlingua School (Washington D.C.), The Department of State, Green Briar, First Cash, Hoisington Enterprises, Spoons, Motivation Charity, Stefanel (Italy), Wyzant Tutors, Global LT (Mercedes Benz, Fidelity, Micron, Kimberly Clark, Tetra Pak, Pratt & Whitney, ST Microelectronics, Sabre Corporation, Gerdau Special Steel, etc), language-school-teachers.com, Elite Test Prep, Club Z, Varsity Tutors, etc


Our European Cuisines Event of 9/2018 reunited adults and children who received private courses in English and Italian.

Students from the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, and Brazil

Like everyone else, we have been much affected by the current difficult events; we are aware of the educational challenges Texan students are currently facing on account of Covid-19 issues. Since 2019, our mobile school has been offering FREE lessons yearly to qualifying students.
Recently, we added a small Production Unit in Granbury, Texas (budgies and finches) whose “baby-bird rehoming fees” are used to subsidize pro bono lessons to students. Call 214-402-3965 for details.


French/Italian conversation in record time? 

These personalized courses are wonderful gifts for adults and children. Customize your gift-card today …read more


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I believe in the unique calling each of us has in life; in my case, that calling has always been the study of languages and cultures, which has led to my long career in teaching, translation, creative writing, and art. After many years of studying in Europe and the United States, I’ve become certified in 40 U.S. subjects. I’ve always been very passionate about sharing my knowledge with students who, in many cases, told me that my support had been a key to their educational successes… I’ve enjoyed seeing them beam with pride when they received their first “A” grades or 100% scores after merely a few classes together; some have increased their grades in English, French, Italian, and test prep from 20% to 90%-100% with only 4 hours of subject immersion training. Those with learning disabilities (ADD-ADHD, Dyslexia, etc) improved after receiving patient constructive coaching in our classes. In a spirit of community support, our small mobile school has offered bonus hours to returning students and for referrals. Contact me today for a FREE consultation!


  • Clients for conference interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive jobs): Certified Language International, Ernst & Young, UNICEF, Open University Business School — UK, Eureka International Conference, U.S. State Department, The Pentagon, U.S. Department of Commerce, DiaMondo Interpreters, Georgetown Hospital, legal offices and courts in Washington, D.C., UNICEF
  • Clients for translation and editing jobs: University of Texas (The American Literary Translators Association), The Conservative Party TX, Open University Business School — UK, Colosseum Publishing House, LiterArt XXI

     “The Art of Translation” (article by Gabriela N. Anderson)


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