Learning a new language is “brain fitness”


Perhaps you are retired or dreaming about retiring soon to finally enjoy spending more time on your hobbies and on planning vacations?

In an age that doesn’t see “aging” through the same lens as decades ago and has come to prove the individual “biological age” — here is a new tool for rejuvenation: a French or an Italian immersion course for intellectual make-over….

You may also be interested in pairing your French/Italian practicing in class with a European-style painting course provided by the same tutor; for example, those who enjoy multifaceted experiences may be excited about learning words in their Italian class and then using them during their hands-on Painting course the next day. You’ll discover to what a great extent, in fact, learning a foreign language, practicing it, and getting immersed in its culture every week can represent a sort of gymnastics of the mind! 

Why would it help? Because it provides the type of knowledge that bridges across mentality differences while inviting personal growth and shifting your interests outside that boring comfort zone. Being able to learn in order to socialize in a beautiful country could prove essential to your enjoying a vacation abroad and, according to recent studies, the prior studying processes can greatly improve your mental wellbeing, too. 



Recent articles posted in the media since 2010 rely on scientific studies showing that intellectually-stimulating activities like language learning will greatly benefit a person’s health.

“Speaking and learning a foreign language gives your brain a good workout, keeps your mind sharp, and defends your brain against aging. (…) The brain is often likened to a muscle, because it functions better with exercise. Learning a language involves memorizing rules and vocabulary, and all of this “exercise” helps strengthen that mental “muscle.” While exercising your brain with language learning your overall memory is improved.>> (Huffington Post, “Brain Fitness — Learn a New Language”, 2017)



“I’m a 59 year-old male. I started learning the French language with Gabrielle Anderson in April 2015. I’ve completed two-hour weekly sessions (once a week).  My motivation for taking lessons in a foreign language at that time was that I believe that learning new skills helps to keep the mind young. Gabrielle’s teaching methods have awakened further inspiration: Now,my wife and I are planning to travel to a French speaking country in the near future! Beyond her language teaching skill, her cultural knowledge of the entire world astounds and inspires me. That is the particular aspect of her talents that first inspired me to consider travelling abroad. Taking a class somewhere with other people didn’t appeal to me, and I’m glad that I picked a teacher who believes in one-on-one instruction!”

Tom, French Immersion course 


 “Very Knowledgeable and Patient! I enjoyed my tutoring with Gabriela for the first two hours! She is very patient, because I am quite a slow learner and wanted to learn at my own pace. She is very knowledgeable about European cultures and history, which is a part of my tutoring that I love. We are tutoring at my home and she was on time and ready to go. I will continue my tutoring with Gabriela as long as I need to, until I can hopefully speak Italian!”

Yvonne, Italian Immersion program


“Once upon a time I got angry with myself and decided to put an end to my ignorance in English. I’ve already been settled in Dallas for five years and couldn’t string two words together in English. Both my husband and I went online and got absorbed in looking for a teacher. Our choice was Gabriela Anderson; we didn’t know why her ad attracted us. For six months I took English lessons with Gabriela. Initially, I must admit, I was so scared of English that I nearly fainted whenever I heard it. Now all that is in the past. I can express myself maybe not as well as I would like to but pretty well, thanks to what Gabriela has taught me. I’ve met not only a teacher but an intelligent responsible and good-natured person. Thanks to Gabriela my outlook was widened, and I learnt a lot about American culture, history, and people. Together we listened to TV news and read books, and I learnt much that was new to me about American movies, writers, famous singers, actors, etc.  And I have to say that my life became much more interesting because my English is now fairly good. Thank you once again, Gabriela!”

Natasha (Lithuania), English as a 2nd Language program

Event50plusTravelers’ Event with students of French, Italian, and English (Grapevine office)