Corporate course: English for Hispanic employees only

 An immersion course offering comparative Spanish-English explanations

The teacher has significant experience training Latino students and is familiar with their region-specific linguistic difficulties; she will employ comparative English-Spanish grammar explanations to help students better understand the structural differences and thus assimilate the English language very fast.

“Gabrielle is a kind and patient teacher who is serious about her role in guiding her students along their individual paths to success. She delights in their progress and shares in their joys as they achieve their goals. I placed my young worker in her capable hands. He was an illiterate immigrant. He had no schooling past the age of 7. He could neither read nor write even in his native language. After 2 years in her care, he can now read and write in both his native tongue and in English. He can converse properly in English and hold his own in a group of English speakers. During his time with her, Gabrielle came to discover that our young man had a strong talent for drawing and painting. She honed that skill through her own talent as an artist. Let it be said that Gabrielle not only brought a young man out of the depths of illiterate darkness, she also gave another human being the dignity that comes from education. We are so grateful for our “Miss Gabrielle”. We love her and cherish all that she has given us … gifts that can never be taken away.” Theresa (CEO), ESL/U.S. English course, 2016-2018



David received one-on-one English, Computer, and Painting lessons for 2 years.


Sharlene and her spouse (Puerto Rico) studied English/ESL through our traditional program.