“My family decided to use the Covid-19 lockdown time in a unique manner by studying Italian and French from a private teacher. We found the School of European Languages open and the language immersion courses it offered face to face in our home were outstanding. Our son and I studied Italian and my wife studied French. While we maintained the Covid-19 mandatory policies, we were more than happy to see that we were making improvements with each session of two hours. Our son, my wife and I learned enough Italian and French to enjoy our upcoming European trips. I confidently recommend the language-immersion programs to anyone willing to learn conversational Italian and French through face to face and (Free!) online sources provided by this mobile tutoring school.”

Jason (computer expert), 2020-2022


“Very knowledgeable teacher. I took Italian lessons from Gabriela for about a year to get ready for a trip to Italy as well as to expand my horizons. Gabriela is a wonderful teacher, really knows the Italian language as well as the culture. She is very patient and encouraged me all the time even when I didn’t have as much time to study as I would have liked. She is very honest and always made sure I was getting all the lessons I’d paid for, and that I was happy with her teaching. I would recommend her for anyone who is looking for help learning Italian, French, or Romanian.” (2 weeks later) “Ciao Gabriela! As a follow up to my review, now that I’ve returned from Italy, I have to tell you, several people actually thought I was Italian because they said my accent was very authentic. Also, the culture information you taught me was exactly correct and came in very handy. There were several semi-emergency  situations I was able to solve because I spoke Italian that I would not have been able to do if I was only able to speak English. (Our luggage was stuck on a bus, several train connections, and every restaurant in a small town that didn’t have English on the menu.) Thank you again for being such a great Italian teacher!”

Katy (Sirius employee), Italian Immersion, 2018-2019


“Approachable and adaptable! Gabriela works with you to meet your goals and adapts to your needs and learning style! She’s very nice, plus very approachable and open when I have questions or want to shift gears. I always feel like I’ve accomplished something after a lesson!”

Lydia (Nurse), Italian Immersion, 2019


“I’ve taken Italian with Gabriela for two years and made 2 trips to Italy during that time.  Her lessons were invaluable, especially in Sicily, where a there is very little English spoken.  Gabriella is very charming and makes learning fun.  If you truly want to learn Italian, I recommend lessons with Gabriella.  You will feel so much more confident speaking when in Italy.”

Debbie (homemaker, U.S.- Italian dual citizenship applicant)

Italian Immersion, ongoing courses 2015, 2017, 2018

“Patient and Worthy of the name Tutor. Gabriela was definitely challenged with us. We’re leaving to Paris in a few days and we needed a major crash course. We’ve only been to 1 lesson but we got so much out of it. She guided us through the alphabet and present sentence setup. We got plenty of additional materials to continue practicing on our own. She even offered to show us how to navigate around the city. She’s definitely A+ and more!”

Annie (IT specialist)

French Immersion, Wyzant course, 2018


“Making Italian fun. I was finding it hard to transition to speaking even though I was doing well in learning vocabulary and reading. Gabriela really helped and we had fun in the process!”

Cindy (Attorney)

Italian Immersion: Traveler’s course, Wyzant course, 2018


“Professional, efficient, patient Gabriela, helped me learned conversational Italian speaking for a trip to Italy. She is wonderful, patient and extremely fluent in many languages. I am planning to use her again for French lessons.”

Kelly (Homemaker, business owner)

Italian Immersion, Wyzant course, 2018


“I’m a 59 year old male. I started learning the French language with Gabrielle Anderson in April 2015. I’ve completed two-hour weekly sessions (once a week).  My motivation for taking lessons in a foreign language at that time was that I believe that learning new skills helps to keep the mind young. Gabrielle’s teaching methods have awakened further inspiration: Now,my wife and I are planning to travel to a French speaking country in the near future! Beyond her language teaching skill, her cultural knowledge of the entire world astounds and inspires me. That is the particular aspect of her talents that first inspired me to consider travelling abroad. Taking a class somewhere with other people didn’t appeal to me, and I’m glad that I picked a teacher who believes in one-on one instruction!”

Tom (Project Manager)

French Immersion course and English/Creative Writing, 2015-2018


“I worked with Gabrielle for several weeks to learn basic French in preparation for a Paris vacation I was planning to take.  I was an absolute beginner– I knew no French at all.  Gabrielle prepared me very well for my trip.  She went beyond teaching me rote travel phrases and instead taught me basic sentence building blocks so I could make simple French sentences on my own.  When I took my vacation I used my new (although of course still limited) French language skills.  I asked for my room key in French every day.  One day I was shopping in a small store and was conversing in my limited  French.  I guess the shop owner was pleased that I was trying so hard, because as I left he stopped me and took two keychains off the hook and gave them to me as a gift!  Another day a French person told me my accent was good, my pronunciation was good.  (That’s thanks to Gabrielle!) I went out a lot by myself.  I went to the grocery store, pharmacy, macaron shop, department store, and restaurants.  I got to know the area pretty well.  Gabrielle had instructed me on how to use the metro and to become familiar with the metro stations nearest to my hotel.  I knew if I could get back to the Ecole Militaire metro station then I was “home”. Learning French with Gabrielle was a very good, very positive experience!”

 Pam (Art Teacher)

French Immersion program, 2017


“Fantastic first session! Gabriela introduced my wife and I to the Italian language we are seeking to become fluent in, her first lesson was exactly what we were looking for and has us on the path to learning this bella language!”

Michael (Manager) and Aimée (Interior designer), U.S.- Italian dual citizenship applicants

Italian Immersion course, 2016


“Flexible, knowledgeable, and engaging. We just completed our first lesson last night. As many people are, my husband and I were nervous about how badly we can mangle the French language. Gabriela made us so comfortable. She really tries to tailor the course to the needs and interests of her students. We can’t wait to go back on Thursday!”

Lisa (Manager) and James (Accountant)

French immersion program, 2016


“Fantastic! I was impressed with how quickly she was able to recommend a personalized curriculum for me! After the first class I was able to speak several sentences in Italian. I definitely recommend Gabriela for anyone looking to learn Italian.”

Rory (Manager)

Wyzant Italian Immersion course, 2015


“Gabriela is a great teacher! She is fun, energetic, very knowledgeable and extremely patient. The lessons are tailored to the interests of the individual student. You can even record your lessons, so you can listen to them over and over again, as she shares lots of tidbits. She is also quite flexible in scheduling lessons, and understands when you have to reschedule. She not only teaches you about the language, but also the culture. Gabriela even hosts food events where she prepares French and Italian dishes from scratch! These parties are quite fun, as you get to meet many of her other students. I highly recommend Gabriela!”

Loise (Computer Expert)

French Immersion Course, 2013- 2014


“Great Results, Personable, Expert. Gabriela helped move me beyond saying I was fluent in French to actually being it. For me, learning French is not about passing a test or bragging about one’s ability. It is about the sheer joy of communicating in a different language, developing friendships with people I meet and work with in Québec, sitting on the patio with the neighbors in France drinking wine and telling jokes, participating in a game of pétanque with the old folks in the village, or describing the fish I saw to dive buddies in French Polynesia. Helping me become fluent in French has opened up the world for me to explore new places and develop new friendships….and that’s what I really wanted. Thank you Gabriela!”

Phillip (retired Engineer)

French Immersion Program 2013-2014


 “Very Knowledgeable and Patient! I enjoyed my tutoring with Gabriela for the first two hours! She is very patient, because I am quite a slow learner and wanted to learn at my own pace. She is very knowledgeable about European cultures and history, which is a part of my tutoring that I love. We are tutoring at my home and she was on time and ready to go. I will continue my tutoring with Gabriela as long as I need to, until I can hopefully speak Italian!”

Yvonne (Artist, Owner of The Cat’s Away Club”, U.S.- Italian dual citizenship applicant)

 Italian Immersion Program, 2014


 “I highly recommend Gabrielle. She worked with my Wife and I before a trip to Italy and the results were terrific. Thank you Gabrielle!”

Bill (Private business owner)

Italian Intensive Course, 2013


“I took lessons with Gabriella for 6 months in hopes of perfecting my Italian in order to communicate with the father of my boyfriend who does not speak English. After 52 hours of lessons, I am about to embark on a vacation with my boyfriend’s family once again. I feel very confident that this time, I’ll be able to speak 100% Italian for the whole week. The lessons were very flexible, allowing me to come after work within a window. I was also able to adjust the content of the lessons to my specific needs as they became apparent. The ability to reschedule lessons when I had plans to go out of town was incredibly helpful for my schedule. Gabriella was even nice enough to help me with a little bit of French when my work sent me to France for a project. The lessons have been extremely helpful and I now feel confident in introducing myself as an Italian speaker. I would recommend Gabriella to anyone hoping to gain insight into a culture and to grow in their language abilities.”

Lauren (Marketing Consultant)

Italian Immersion Program, 2012


“I began Romanian lessons with Gabriela with the idea of learning a few words and phrases so that I could communicate better with my husband’s family in Romania. My original plan was to take a month of lessons so that I could understand general concepts, and then later to study vocabulary on my own. I am a lawyer working at a big firm downtown and do not have much free time to devote to studying and at times have an unpredictable schedule, which made me reluctant to commit to lessons every week. At the end of the first month, however, the lessons were so enjoyable, and I was learning so much (even with so little time for independent study) that I decided to continue. Gabriela was very flexible in accommodating and rescheduling when I had to cancel my regular lesson. Overall, I continued the lessons for eight months! As we progressed, Gabriela began using an integrative approach, using cultural discussions involving comparisons between Romanian and American literature and the depiction of European and American politics and history to expand my understanding of grammatical concepts and vocabulary. This approach kept me interested during class in a way that merely practicing sentences and vocabulary would not have. Gabriela also incorporated many different subjects for our vocabulary lessons, including general words about working in an office as well as specific legal vocabulary. I recently had a chance to practice my Romanian with my husband’s cousins and was very pleased both with my ability to understand their conversation and also to participate. The office where we had our lessons was very comfortable and the ability to watch movies and listen to others speaking has helped me to understand spoken Romanian greatly. I am confident that I would not have continued with any other lessons for this long, nor would I have learned as much from another approach. I believe that I now have the ability to continue my Romanian studies independently by reading literature that Gabriela introduced me to in class.”

Christina (Attorney)

Romanian Immersion Program, 2011


“Gabrielle is a superb teacher. My daughter and I are learning the Italian language and culture from Gabrielle and are impressed with her knowledge of the language, culture and history as well as her desire and ability to tailor the lessons to match her students’ needs and interests. As a high school student, my daughter is ahead of others when it comes to having a deep understanding of world history and culture and a solid understanding of languages due to our lessons with Gabrielle. I highly recommend Gabrielle to anyone seeking a professional, highly competent and very personable language instructor.”

Lynn (Business owner, EnWraptured Stones)

Italian Immersion program, 2011-2013