“I would highly recommend Gabriela.  She has helped me tremendously in my journey to learn the Italian language. She is very knowledgeable and articulate on teaching me on how to speak and write in Italian. We translate written materials from English to Italian and vice-versa. She also has helped me  in the growth of the fundamentals of Italian grammar including verb tenses, nouns, and sentence structure. I also enjoy how she incorporates not only teaching the language but also the Italian culture. I enjoy having her as teacher and always look forward to our lessons. The growth I have experienced under her guidance has been substantial and has given me confidence in my Italian abilities.”

Brigid (chemist), Italian Immersion course, 2023


“My wife and I studied French extensively for a trip we planned throughout the Covid lockdowns. The French immersion method worked greatly for us. We were happy Gabriela was available as we felt only in-person classes could help us, unlike the online courses we had tried. This face-to-face French immersion method involves a kind of mathematical precision and a select vocabulary that we get to choose ourselves by making up our own dialogues. We also received many useful online sources to complement the class lessons, but the exercises we did in class were different from anything found online. Very useful, warmly recommended!”

Fred (engineer), French Immersion program, 2019-2022


“Gabriela is amazing. She really has all knowledge and experience to help my family to improve our English abilities. Very professional, organized, super patient and  kind with kids. She helped us to set up our individuals goals in different areas as literacy, fluency, accent reduction  and vocabulary. I highly recommend her services. “
Patrícia Dias (Lawyer, Brasil), Corporate family assistance with language training via Global LT, English classes, 2018-2019


“Extremely knowledgeable and helpful tutor! After only a few lessons, I am able to grasp more of the French language than I have been able to by using a program like Rosetta Stone or by studying on my own. Each lesson is personalized and she takes the time to slow down and explain difficult concepts when needed. One of the wonderful things about Gabriela is that she understands what is like to learn French herself, which makes her very relatable as an instructor. She has so much experience in a variety of settings and different types of students, and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn French!”

Ashley (Speech Therapist), French Immersion, 2019


“I was very lucky to meet such a lovely, benevolent and intelligent teacher! My 4 year-old-daughter and I took 2 hours English lessons, we learned new words and phrases in every lesson. I did listening, reading, speaking, and grammar using internet sources and magazines and so on. My daughter studied alphabets and words with English songs, picture books, dolls and wooden letters item. Also, she took painting class instead of English class sometimes and experienced painting with acrylic paint on canvas. My husband took business English class and TOEIC class at his company once a week. Our family really thanks Gabriela during staying in the US. Thank you, Gabriela.”

Naoko (Japan), Corporate family assistance (Toyota), English/ESL, TOEIC Test prep, and Art, 2018

“I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given me. Gabrielle is a professional and very knowledgeable person. I thank you!”

Emanuel (Engineer)

English/ESL, Executives’ Course, Pratt & Whitney – United Technologies firm (Global LT), 2017-2018


“Gabrielle is a kind and patient teacher who is serious about her role in guiding her students along their individual paths to success. She delights in their progress and shares in their joys as they achieve their goals. I placed my young worker in her capable hands.  He was an illiterate immigrant. He had no schooling past the age of 7. He could neither read nor write even in his native language. After 2 years in her care, he can now read and write in both his native tongue and in English. He can converse properly in English and hold his own in a group of English speakers. During his time with her, Gabrielle came to discover that our young man had a strong talent for drawing and painting. She honed that skill through her own talent as an artist. Let it be said that Gabrielle not only brought a young man out of the depths of illiterate darkness, she also gave another human being the dignity that comes from education. We are so grateful for our “Miss Gabrielle”. We love her and cherish all that she has given us … gifts that can never be taken away.”

Theresa (CEO)

ESL/U.S. English course, Lines Consulting firm, 2016-2018


“Patient and Worthy of the name Tutor. Gabriela was definitely challenged with us. We’re leaving to Paris in a few days and we needed a major crash course. We’ve only been to 1 lesson but we got so much out of it. She guided us through the alphabet and present sentence setup. We got plenty of additional materials to continue practicing on our own. She even offered to show us how to navigate around the city. She’s definitely A+ and more!”

Annie (IT specialist)

French Immersion, Wyzant , 2018


“Gabriela worked with my Belgian family for the past year to master the English language and we will continue working with her as well! With Gabriela you have much more than a basic language training… My 12 year old daughter was able to step out the ESL program at school after 1,5 year! When we moved she was at beginners level and now she is already high advanced. We loved that Gabriela made our daughter read some classics! Gabriela knows perfectly how the school system in the USA works and is an expert in prep programs for standardized tests. She supported my daughter with STAAR practice and also helped my boys with several AP classes, SAT and ACT training as well. My oldest son even graduates a year early! She advised him and guided him through the college application process. We really appreciated her expertise in essay writing.  As for my personal experience I liked working with her on TOEFL but I also learned a lot about the American culture and entrepreneurship. In fact her enthusiasm made me take the decision to start my own private teaching business! In the fall 2016 the European STAR Academy (French/Dutch/European History/Cooking) will open!” 

Katleen (History Teacher, Belgium) for herself, Dries, Fien, Seppe, and Jonas

ESL/English Immersion Program, French test prep, STAAR test prep, Local Orientation courses for relocated Belgian family

Kimberly Clark firm, 2016-2018


“Gabriela Anderson is an efficient and experienced professional translator, covering in her work fields as diverse as literature, politics and science. Her social skills make her an elegant presence and a great communicator, while her ability to immerse and acquire new cultures, provided her with the tools and experience to make her a great pedagogue.”

Viorel (Aviation Engineer)

Research translations, Honeywell, 2018


“Best teacher ever. Very knowledgeable and has her own ways, method of teaching TOEFL in the lesson and she focuses on your language and how to pronounce the right way. Thank you, Gabriela.”

Mahmoud (Pharmacist)

TOEFL, 2018


“I have been working with Ms. Gabrielle for the past 6 months. I like her teaching, she is a really wonderful teacher; we worked on ESL, TOEFL, Art and language and career coaching. She is so kind to handle my 6 years old naughty daughter. She is a multitalented and very experienced teacher, I am glad that she is my tutor. Thank you.”

Swarna (dietician) and Swara (1st grade student)

English, Language-Art, Local Orientation courses for relocated family, Fidelity firm (Global LT), 2017


“Gabriela is FABULOSA! I look forward to many times ahead with Gabriela….she was accommodating and kind and easygoing and FUN! thank you so much wyzant! if you are looking for an amazing ITALIAN teacher… she is your GAL!”

Lucy (Owner)

Italian translation and recording task, DJ Lucy Wrubel firm (Wyzant), 2017


“Great instructor! This was my second lesson with her and it went really well. We covered significant ground and I feel a lot more comfortable with my French after the lesson. Highly recommended.”

Raj (Computer expert) 

French Immersion, Executives’ course, 2016


“Gabriela, I would like to thank you for teaching Italian to our corporate team and myself at Verona Marble Company, Inc. for the past 16 months. Your teaching style works well for us and you keep the class fun and interesting. Since I work for an Italian company your class will be very helpful. Non vedo l’ora di poter studiare di nuovo nella seconda parte del corso! Thanks!”                                                                                            

Paul (CEO)                                  

Italian Immersion Program, Verona Marble firm, 2012-2015


“Gabriela quickly understood my foreign language capabilities and adjusted the lesson plan to suit my skillset. Gabriela taught me some basic pronunciation, basic verbs and vocabulary. We worked on proper pronunciation primarily, which is a good foundation for any language. She quickly assessed my foreign language capabilities and we developed a plan to meet my goals. Thanks!”

Gordon (Manager)

Italian Immersion, Executives’ Program, (Wyzant) 2015


“Gabriela’s methods seem to be bringing out the best in my ability to learn to read and speak French. I studied French in high school, but that was 40 years ago. My first 2 hour session Friday was my first opportunity to speak French in those 40 years. I was surprised how came back to me in those 2 fleeting hours!”

Thomas (Manager)

Immersion French Course, 2015


“Wonderful, patient, and accommodating. I appreciate her flexibility. I have never taken a foreign language so I am very pleased with what I learned and how quickly I am able to speak and read Italian. Grazie!”

Karen (CEO)

Italian Intensive Immersion Program, Spoons Café firm, (Wyzant) 2014


“After trying to learn French on my own for years through online tools, I highly recommend the individualized language education of Diplomat Languages. In a short amount of time, Gabrielle has greatly improved my pronunciation, expanded my vocabulary, and successfully changed my approach to learning a new language. My studies not only include learning the language itself, but also contain invaluable knowledge of the cultural and historical context of France. This context not only improves my learning, but also makes the process more fun. Gabrielle provides a well thought out individualized curriculum that includes directed self-study between lessons. She is organized, patient, and a gifted teacher of languages. As I finish my studies with Diplomat Languages, I know that I will be much more confidant in my use of French, and will be left with valuable tools and techniques to continue learning on my own over time.”

Chris (Business Consultant)

French Immersion, Executives’ Program, 2014


“Professional, enjoyable, and valuable tutoring experience! Special care and attention is given toward my motivation for learning Italian. During the lessons, Gabriela applies custom tailored vocabulary and resources to my professional and personal background… I truly appreciate her focused and thorough teaching approach in a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment. Her experience, knowledge, and teaching approach is very valuable. I would certainly recommend Gabriela for personal tutoring!”

Adam (Researcher)

Italian, Executives’ Program, (Wyzant) 2014


“A good teacher and a good listener — Gabrielle listened to what our interests were and what we wanted out of the course and then tailored our instruction to meet our needs. We really enjoyed her help.”

Lois and Phillip (managers)

French, Executives’ Program, (Wyzant) 2014


“Gabriela Anderson has been providing excellent and effective executive Italian classes for TH Enterprises for the past 13 months. The classes are well designed and paced to provide a rapid and fun foreign language learning experience. We have also appreciated Ms. Anderson’s willingness and ability to modify the classes to meet the capabilities, desires, and ever-changing schedules and priorities of our executive staff. We strongly recommend Ms. Anderson and her training program to any person or organization where there is a need or desire to develop language skills. Over the last year we have come to respect Gabriela for not only her professional skills but also for her integrity and for her interpersonal skills. We are proud to consider her a friend as well as our teacher of language and culture.”

Ted Hoisington (CEO)

Italian Immersion Program, TH Enterprises firm, 2013


“Gabriela Anderson is an extraordinary teacher. She is very patient, kind, and positive, always upbeat, tailoring and adjusting her teaching to meet the requirements of her students. She made every lesson interesting, and enjoyable, using video and outside materials. My husband and I planned to drive through Italy on our trip and felt it important to learn some Italian. We took her intensive course and learned an amazing amount in a short time. It does require significant time studying outside of class to gain the full benefits of the course. Gabriela offers a choice of focusing on just the language or the opportunity to learn about the people, culture, and customs of the country as well. She did an outstanding job preparing us for our trip, and was also helpful in finding miscellaneous information we wanted about Italy. We were very happy to have such a good grasp of the language on our adventure. Gabriela geared her material so we could continue learning Italian on our own if we chose. We enjoyed every lesson. She is truly a pleasure and a treasure. Thank you for all of your kindness and patience during our lessons. The trip was great, it really helped knowing some Italian.”

Terese and Bill (Owners)

Italian Intensive Course, Alliance Group firm, 2013


“Gabriela is a talented and dedicated language expert. With exceptional foreign language teaching skills, she takes the learning experience to another level. Emphasizing not only the vocabulary, but the culture as well.”

Adina (Owner, Artist)

Cultural exchange, AmeroBiz, 2013


“Once upon a time I got angry with myself and decided to put an end to my ignorance in English. I’ve already been settled in Dallas for five years and couldn’t string two words together in English. Both my husband and I went online and got absorbed in looking for a teacher. Our choice was Gabriela Anderson; we didn’t know why her ad attracted us.

For six months I took English lessons with Gabriela. Initially, I must admit, I was so scared of English that I nearly fainted whenever I heard it. Now all that is in the past. I can express myself maybe not as well as I would like to but pretty well, thanks to what Gabriela has taught me.

I’ve met not only a teacher but an intelligent responsible and good-natured person. Thanks to Gabriela my outlook was widened, and I learnt a lot about American culture, history, and people. Together we listened to TV news and read books, and I learnt much that was new to me about American movies, writers, famous singers, actors, etc.  And I have to say that my life became much more interesting because my English is now fairly good. Thank you once again, Gabriela!”

Natasha (Engineer), Lithuania

English/ESL, Executives’ Program, 2013


“Excellent. I had couple of sessions with her for pronunciation improvement and accent reduction. She provided excellent feedback and instructions on how to improve along with some of the quick techniques. I would recommend her to anybody looking into this area or improving grammar or overall English.”

Yogesh (Manager, India)

English/ESL, Executives’ Program, (Wyzant) 2013


“In preparation for my third trip to Romania, I wanted to be able to actually communicate with my hosts so I looked online in hopes of finding a teacher in the area. I found Gabriela’s website and set up a meeting. From the first interaction, I was impressed with her curriculum and style. As an English teacher, I am very familiar with the structure of language. Gabriela presented the Romanian language in a very logical way. Not only did we work on listening and speaking but also on reading and writing in Romanian. Instead of rote memorization of phrases and responses, I learned the structure of the language so that I could frame my own questions and responses. Besides teaching the language, she also presented many different aspects of the history and culture of Romania and the Romanian people. Upon arriving in Romania, I felt very capable of understanding and communicating with my hosts. In fact, several times, I was called upon to translate for other members of my group. I absolutely recommend Gabriela to anyone hoping to learn a new language and culture.”

Vicki (English Teacher)

Romanian language & culture, Executives’ Program, 2012


“I have always been intrigued with the Italian culture and its people, so I searched for an instructor to help me learn the language. After coming across Gabriela’s website, I felt confident she was the instructor I had been looking for. Fortunately, her teaching skills and lesson plans greatly exceeded my expectations. Not only is Gabriela a superior instructor, she is a joy to spend time with. Her passion for foreign language and teaching others is contagious and motivating. She immediately recognized my skill level and interests, and then planned accordingly to provide appropriate learning materials. I was surprised to see how quickly I learned grammar, which allowed me to understand complex texts in parallel with basic conversation. I found the classes to be challenging, yet achievable. Gabriela is positive, friendly, and reliable; it is easy to see that she truly enjoys teaching her students and helping them attain their goals. I highly recommend her; you will not be disappointed!”

Samantha (Marketing Director)

Italian Immersion, Executives’ Program, 2011 – 2012


 “About a year into my professional development on an oil and gas futures desk, I had a revelation that to get to where I wanted to go, I would need a specialized degree in my field. After much research, I found a work/study program offered by The University of Geneva that offered the type of challenge I was looking for. As I read through the admissions requirements, I saw that I would have to pass a French aptitude test, and quickly started the process of screening potential French tutors. Over the past nine months, Gabriela has set me through her “Immersion program” which is a course aimed to get someone who has never toyed with the foreign language to exchange ideas on varied topics including professional ones in a short time. Although the goal was to be able to pass an aptitude test, this course has gone much deeper. We looked at the differences between Standard French versus colloquialisms, worked on sentence construction via role playing, practiced grammar and vocabulary through exercises, and I was steered through a crash course of French culture that was presented in a meaningful and compelling fashion: with music, novels, art/painting and history. Learning a language outside a strong and flexible curriculum would have been quite stringent. Having someone “guide you through the jungle” is key to making progress in this endeavor. Gabriela laid out a program that was both challenging and attainable, integrated my interests and goals into her custom tailored curriculum, and held me accountable while keeping classes fun and dynamic. I can’t imagine approaching the task of learning about French without such an immersion program, the time I spent working with her accurately justifies the progress I have made with the language. After eight months, I could easily pass the aptitude test, but continue to regularly take the course out of personal intrigue, to better familiarize myself with the language and to be better acclimated to the culture. I would recommend the course to anyone.”

Will (Oil & Gas/ Financial Expert)

French Immersion, Executives’ Program, Coquest Energy firm, 2010 – 2011


“I have been meeting with Gabriela Anderson for one year with respect to the development of a joint project in the field of intercultural communication and translation. Ms. Anderson fully understands the intricate layers of communication within the same language and from a foreign language into English. She can easily think herself into new situations and is extremely sensitive to the refinement of cultural and social differences. There is a certain elegance in how she interacts with other people, and I am confident that she can easily think herself into new professional and social environments. Her own international background, strong academic and professional training, her pleasant personality and knowledge of several languages add another valuable feature to her professional profile. She will definitely be well-placed in a position that requires good interpersonal communication skills.”

Professor Rainer Schulte (ALTA President, University of Texas) Literary Translation Project, 2010


“As the language coordinator at Inlingua, I have had the opportunity to know well Gabriella Anderson during 2006-2008. While we give our teachers the freedom to design their own program according to students’ needs and ability, the method Gabriela Anderson devised was inspired by guidelines from our complex Language Immersion course involving comparative linguistic approaches, cultural references and role playing. On each occasion when she fulfilled teaching and testing assignments we found her performance thoroughly successful and her demeanor irreproachable. I am pleased to write this letter warmly recommending her for future assignments.”

 Biljana Ilich (Director of Studies, Inlingua School) Immersion programs for diplomats, 2004- 2008


“It is a pleasure to recommend Miss Gabriela Anderson. During 2001-2002 Miss Anderson translated several lengthy articles from English into French or Romanian for “Origins Magazine” as well as a book by anthropologist Ruth Benedict. Ms Anderson has proved to be an extremely talented and asiduous language expert whose knowledge of French and English equals her native language abilities. For “Origins” she also wrote “A few thoughts about globalization” an insightful article about contemporary American influences. I look foorward to her future contributions as a writer and I warmly recommend her”.

Gabriel Stanescu (President, LiterArt XXI) 

French, English, Romanian Language Services, 2002


“I am pleased to confirm that Gabriella Anderson is an external consultant for Open University Business School (CODECS). In this position she translated management and marketing manuals and performed simultaneous translation. In October 1996 Miss Anderson acted as interpreter for me when I was making presentations to more than 100 managers who had successfully completed the Open University Professional Certificate Programme. This was a ceremony organised by the Open University Business School (UK) and CODECS and included the participation of the British Embassy. Miss Anderson acted as interpreter and successfully demonstrated her abilities and commitment in that area. I warmly recommend her for future assignments.”

Tony Stapleton (Director, Open University Business School,UK

English Consulting Project, 1997


“DiaMondo specialises in foreign language services and events. Gabriela Anderson provided French, Italian, and English language services for the following projects: “Legal Analysis and Legislative Drafting Conference/Task Force on International Parliamentary Programs; Media Activities (UNICEF) and MobilRom France providing local expert services to French partners. I am pleased to assess that each time she was perfectly reliable, and to warmly recommend her for future foreign language assignments at corporate and agency levels.”

Doina Diaconu (CEO, Romania)

English and French language services, DiaMondo firm, 1996


“In the early nineties I worked with the ICFTU to help Romanian workers develop independent trade unions. Gabrielle was my interpreter: it was a pleasure to work with her and she did an excellent job.”

Kris Douma (Consultant ICFTU, Holland)

Romanian- English services, Eurika Conference Inc. 1992