Classical Education Customized Curricula

Our mobile school aims to satisfy a growing need that parents feel, in our society, for:

  • education that teaches the moral values of previous generations and of our Judeo-Christian heritage

  • a safe, clean, pleasant educational environment and space

  • a large variety of versatile well-rounded educational programs that ensure not only the best scores on standarsized tests in the U.S. (and abroad), but also knowledge that can help the students reach socially-valuable self-actualization in future

(Check with us soon regarding our Ecological-Learning programs organized in a homey office in Granbury, TX … Home school assisted by a small European library in an indoors garden, a “baby-bird-petting break”, and complementary organic freshly-baked Italian donuts.)

A New Renaissance in the 21st Century

According to Princeton historian Anthony Grafton, one of today’s leading scholars of the Renaissance, “the studia humanitatis, the humanities….encompassed quite a specific range of subjects: grammar, rhetoric, and dialectic, the arts that gave a command of Latin, the language of learning, and oratory, history, poetry, and moral philosophy. For centuries after, these disciplines were considered indispensable for any well-educated person.”

Our Classical Education curricula are customized for each student, in collaboration with parents, to equip our students with modern and “old school” information necessary for the global challengesof the 21st century. We focus on the intellectual values and moral principles promoted by classical world literatures. 

 “I invite you to dream with me of a re-energised Europe and to work together for a second European Renaissance!” (Luca Jahier, President of the European Economic and Social Committee, 2018)